Receiving one steaming email inquiry about what home espresso system we possess:

See more about it here: http://www.nuovasimonelliusa.com

We LOVE LOVE LOVE the Little Oscar. Have had it... um... maybe three or four years. Performs really well with minimum commitments on upkeep and maintenance. No plumbing necessary. Got a package deal that included the grinder for about a grand. Purchased at Emerald City Espresso Machines- and brought it home on the plane!!!

See: http://www.emeraldcityespressomachines.com

I trained mancub as barista, and he is the sole barista in our home- I am now not allowed to touch the machine! Way to turn on your trainer, eh???

We figure that the machine paid for itself withing a year.

More on beans and home roasting later...


jane humphrey said...

I'm in awe.......that's real coffee commitment!

crickandchas said...

Wow, we have a little $50 Krups espresso machine and we still usually go buy coffee. I look forward to your tips...maybe we will use ours more often!!!

BTW, our oldest daughter is a barista for a locally owned shop in Flagstaff. She has a huge prejudice against big franchise coffee company types. ;) lol

She still won't make coffee for us on our machine though!